ECU Information: EDC17CV42, model: Man Tgs 2014

ECU Programmer: ECUHELP KT200

Error Description:
Complete backup exists, but an issue arises when trying to write the backup file, generating the “Error Unlock Password” message. There is no problem reading the file from the ECU.

Verified Solution:
Search password in flash file( tool boot password), which will then allow you to write to the file.

Usually, the password can be located in the bench file rather than the OBD file, but you may also attempt to find it in the OBD file.

It’s generally advisable to create a bench backup before attempting to write to the OBD file to save time and effort.

After extracting the password, no further action is needed. You can read and write to the EDC17CV42 normally using the ECUHELP KT200 ECU Programmer.