The KT200 ECU Programmer has been confirmed to work with the Golf 6 GTI MED17.5 for reading, writing, and performing checksum operations on the bench.

Proof of Functionality:
The images below show the 100% success rate of the reading and writing process using the KT200.
KT200 Golf 6 GTI MED17.5 Read on Bench

KT200 Golf 6 GTI MED17.5 write on Bench

Connection Instructions:
Follow the KT200 wiring diagram for BOSCH MED17.5 [1766] applicable to VW, Audi, Seat, and Skoda [Gasoline].
Connect the multifunction cable as illustrated.
KT200 Golf 6 GTI MED17.5 wiring diagram

Use KT200 to read and write use the following driver:
→ TC1766 – VAG
→ MED17.5

Upgrade Information:
The KT200 has been upgraded to the KT200 II, which offers improved performance. You can upgrade your device by purchasing the PCB board from the link below:
Upgrade to ECUHELP KT200 II

In conclusion, the KT200 is a reliable and effective tool for working with the Golf 6 GTI MED17.5, ensuring accurate read, write, and checksum operations. The upgrade to KT200 II further enhances its capabilities.