One KT200 user feedback: when writing either Marellie IAW 9gf or 10gf? can read, just can’t write, and gives that “error file”. Tried 12v and 14.7V, and neither is working. He is using Windows 11. and he said that the bytes thing no matter the file I load shows that same value.

Possible reason and the tips of using KT200 to write Marellie IAW 9GF/10GF:
1. Stable voltage supply: 13V – 13.5V.
2. Ensure the file size is correct.
3. Try to reset kt20 maybe and PC.
4. Windows 11 may be the problem. Win 11 does rhat all tje time, Win11 holds some kt200 services, It crap dont use it for anything, It actually holds all the services Win7 32 bit or win 10 64 bit nothing else.

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