Question: I encountered a problem with the Vitara EDC16C3. KT200 successfully read and wrote the ECU via OBD, and the checksum was also correct. However, the car does not start.
I have already tried writing on PW, which was taken care of just like the Mowiles key tool, and everything is functioning.

Answer: There is a manual available for that EDC16C3 ECU, which contains information about the immobilizer (immo) system. Although I can’t recall the exact details, I usually perform the procedure in BDM mode. It is possible that the EEPROM has been damaged, and EDC16C3 ECU has an immo-related issue.
The best solution in such cases is to do in BDM mode; unfortunately, there is no known solution for immobilizer off.
Another possibility to consider is a checksum issue.

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