Car model / Year and ECU type: Fiat Ducato 2021, Bosch md1cs069

ECU Tool to use: ECUHELP KT200

The problem: Start data reading… ERROR SK2, even the power is added to 14.3V.

Look at the outlook of Bosch md1cs069 ECU:

Look at this image which shows the connection among KT200, the ECU Bench box, and the ECU is ok.

Possible Reason and Solution:
The Post-June 2020 MG1 DMEs are locked with the new Tprot version. The only way is to send them to Femto (they unlock these DMEs), but It is really expensive, it costs $1000.
There is no tool on the market for md1/mg1 ecus after 07/2020 so forget it.