ECUHELP KT200II ECU Programmer is proven to be compatible with a range of DELCO ECUs from OPEL, CHEVROLET, and GM vehicles. This includes comprehensive support for DELCO E38, E67, E84, and E92 systems. The device offers functionality for reading and writing both Micro and EEPROM, along with performing recovery checksums.

For a visual guide, please refer to the images provided, illustrating the selection process and operational steps:
Start by selecting the KT200II driver.
Navigate to Chevrolet -> Delco ECUs.
Choose from the listed ECUs (E38/E39/E39A/E67/E78/E80/E83/E84/E87/E89/E98).
Click ‘OK’ to proceed with reading and then writing operations.

Additionally, detailed wiring diagrams for Delco E92, E67, E38, and E84 are included for reference.

We hope this guide enhances your experience and efficiency in using the ECUHELP KT200II ECU Programmer with these specific DELCO ECUs.