What to Do Next After Receiving KT200II Host? KT200II Activation

After Receiving ECUHELP KT200II host, What to Do Next? 
Take pictures of KT200 and KT200II
1. Take a front picture of both KT200 and KT200II.

2. Take a back picture of both KT200 and KT200II which clearly shows their ID;

3. Email to ktrenew@163.com (refer to the following email format and content)

For the user who has KT200 full version plus offline dongle, please do:
1. Download “GetDongleID.exe” from https://www.ecuhelpshop.com/pages/downloads/.

2. Open the software, and insert the offline dongle into the computer.

3. Click on  “Read ID”, copy and paste the ID, email it to ktrenew@163.com.

Here is a sample email format and content for your reference.

Send trackback to: https://www.ecuhelpshop.com/products/upgrade-to-ecuhelp-kt200ii.html