Car model/year / ECU type:
MAN Truck TGS 2014 PTM module with mcu M29w160EB

Purpose: read this mcu

MCU M29w160EB Reader:
1.AutelM608 with INKPA adapter: no any mask
2.a cheap MiniPro TL866 to read the chip and Tmpro2 to program a T5 transponder
3.have a KT200 ECU programmer to read PTM module.

KT200 MAN PTM Module Pinout:
Kit to use:
– Multifunction cable
– Rainbow flat cable

Connect the multifunction cable as follows:

Solder the rainbow flat cable on the pcb:

To read and write use the following driver:
1. BDM/Jtag Mode
2. Jtag Nexus MPC/SPC
3.MPC 55xx

You can also check wiring shown as below: MAN PTM JTAG connection

In conclusion, KT200 ECU programmer is a versatile and reliable tool for those needing to read/write the PTM module on a MAN Truck TGS 2014. By following the aforementioned steps and guidelines, one can successfully achieve their intended purpose with precision.