Have ECUHELP KT200 to read/write ME17.3.0 without any problem, but checksum failed, how to correct the checksum ME17.3.0?
Look at this info KT200 gave me: checksum not supported for full write.

There is software that does checksum. u upload the original file and the the file u want to have checksum done and it does it for u.
Option 1, Winols
To moderate the file with Winols then it’s easy.
Winols 4.7 source: https://www.ecuhelpshop.com/products/winols-4-70-software.html

Option 2, Lsuite/Davinci
Lsuite can do that. If you don’t have Lsuite, contact Whatsapp: http://wa.me/8618205996549
Davinci: https://www.ecuhelpshop.com/products/davinci-1-0-28.html


Option 3, looking for help from some experienced users.

Alright, do the checksum for ME17.3.0 files is key for reading and writing no issue using ECUHELP KT200. Fortunately, you have three viable options Winols, Lsuite, Davinci or help from experienced users to help you solve the checksum challenge.