KT200 ECU Programmer Read/Write Man TGX 18.440 E5 EDC7C32 Perfect.

Here are several users’ tips for sharing:
1. Backup with bench, then read/write EDC7C32 via OBD. Same MPC on bench.
2.KT200 Read and write E5 EDC7C32 okay.
3.I had to use this set up

4. Bench is easy and faster for KT200 R/W E5 EDC7C32. No problems at all.
5. I was writing two times Man E6, read and write ok via obd.

Here is the KT200 connection of Man TGX 18.440 E5 EDC7C32:
Connect the multifunction cable as follows, use the Bench
Box and the D48CONN04 adapters:
Then, To read and write use the following driver:
→ MPC561/2 – MAN
→ EDC7 C32

Alright, now it is confirmed that ECUHELP KT200 is able to read/write EDC7C32 perfectly.