Vehicle and ECU Details:
Car Model: Peugeot Boxer
ECU Type: Delphi DCM7.1B *CAN
ECU Programmer: KT200II from ECUHELP

Test Results:
The KT200II successfully reads and writes the Delphi DCM7.1B ECU via OBD.

An image is provided to show the KT200II writing the Delphi DCM7.1B ECU successfully via OBD.
ECUHELP KT200II Read and Write DCM 7.1B via OBD

Additional Resources:
The KT200II is also capable of reading and writing the PSA ECU DCM 7.1B in boot mode. A related video can be watched at this link:

For more information, refer to the article “KT200 PSA DCM7.1A DCM7.1B Boot Mode: R/W/Chck OK” available at this link.

The ECUHELP KT200II proves to be a versatile and effective tool for reading and writing the Delphi DCM7.1B ECU in both OBD and boot modes. The successful test results and available resources demonstrate the reliability and functionality of the KT200II for ECU programming on the Peugeot Boxer. It is important for users to follow the correct procedures and utilize the appropriate resources to achieve successful outcomes.