This article answers some questions from ECUHELP KT200II Users.

Q: I have a problem with kt200ii offline… the software closes when trying to connect internet when try read ecu
A: Copy the file in the metal usb (To user ), ans paste it into the user folder of the offline version in C disk.

Q: Received KT200II host but after installing the software, it doesn’t work! Did you manage to connect it?
A: Must send an email as explained on the paper that was within the box.
Even after activation, the software takes about 30 seconds to launch… please wait.

Refer to: KT200II activation steps 

Q: How kt200 ll work? Are there any changes to whether it is worth buying it?
A: Look at the changes compared to KT200II:

Q: My software doesn’t open. How I resolve this?
A1: Please ensure the device driver is installed and the device is connected via USB and 12v power supply.
A2. Re-soldered the turntable

Q: Will kt200ll be consistently updated via the Internet online? does it have a server where you can download the original files?
A: KT200II will have frequent update, the newer software will be available at “Downloads” section.

Q: Will the KT200 II have online updates? or will it be discontinued like the KT200 update ?
A: kt200 is not discontinued.
It still works the same.
Kt200ll comes with upgraded hardware to solve some problems. There’s no perfect ECU tool, even the top ones have problems and they cost much more.

Q: I have questions about KT200II. I failed to read Simos 18.10 via obd. Is it because there is no file in the virtual reading?
A: Hi, yes, please download ecuhelp 3.0.3 for VR files.

Q: Hi all, hesitating between a kt200, fox or pcm flash… A piece of advice? I’m looking for a tool, certain clones, but quite complete in protocol, reliable, that won’t plant every 4 in the morning and does full back up on the bench to be able to clone.
A: With kt200II, you get 3 servers, no activating BS, no limit on how many computers, you can install on no time changing on pc when using it and if u want u can get offline dongle.

Q: How can one read/write ECU Bosch EDC17C10 — 308 Peugeot
A: Bench no problem

Q: Is this DME Bosch MEV17.2.1 2016 can clone by bench mode?
A1. Bosch MEV17.2.1 2016 R/W Bench Mode OK
A1: I just did a dme 17.2.2 clone, it had throttle, needed boot mode.
A2: it done by boot mode but i need to do by beach mode no need to open the DME cover.

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