If you’re gearing up to download and install the ECUHELP KT200II Offline Workstation, follow these straightforward steps for a hassle-free process.

Part 1: Downloading ECUHELP KT200II Offline Workstation
Access the workstation from the following sources:
Official Source: ECUHELP Shop Downloads
Mega: Direct Download Link
Google Drive: Download Here
Important: disable firewall and anti-virus.

Part 2: Installation Guide for KT200II Offline Workstation
Follow these steps for a smooth installation:

Installation Process:

1, Install KT200II 2024 Wizard
Open”This PC” and locate USB Drive (F:) -> KT200 Offline Setup -> KT200II Offline Installation Package (20231123_1) -> Setup.

Click “Next” to initiate the Wizard.

Continue by selecting “Next”.

Click “Install” to begin the installation process.

Once finished, click “Finish” to conclude the setup of KT200II 2024 Offline version.

2, Folder Transfer:
Open“This PC” -> Disk C – KT200 Offline – User.
Simultaneously, open “This PC” -> USB Drive (F:) -> To User, and copy all folders.
Paste these folders into “Disk C – KT200 Offline – User” for successful transfer.

3, Open KT200II Offline Workstation
Here’s the final setup step:
Allow a brief waiting period of around 20 seconds for the software to initialize.

Click on “Start KT200II” to kickstart your use of the KT200II Offline Workstation.

Next is to connect KT200II, read and write ECU.


This concise guide ensures a smooth download, installation, and setup of the ECUHELP KT200II Offline Workstation, paving the way for seamless operations.