ECUHELP confirms the successful read and write of Mitsubishi E6T0X in Boot Mode using KT200II.

The process involves working with a Mitsubishi Shogun 3.2 Bid ECU.

Follow these steps for successful programming:
Begin by selecting driver and clicking on “Info.”

Refer to the wiring diagram for Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 5, EVO 6 – Hyundai Kefico – E2T7xxxx.

Insert pin plugs into the ECU as depicted in the diagram.

Connect the MFC cables securely.

Power on the MFC device.

Retrieve the ECU ID.

Proceed to read the flash data.
Choose the desired save location and file name.
If using the KT200II auto version or full version, ensure internet connectivity during this step. However, if using the KT200II offline workstation, there’s no need to wait for an internet connection.
The reading process is completed at 100%.

With the flash data successfully read, now we will write the solution file.
Select the file from its location.
Click on “Write” and choose Ori for checksum.
The writing process is completed at 100% success.

For Mitsubishi E6T0X programming, KT200II in Boot Mode offers a reliable and efficient solution.