MG1 MD1 series of ECUs have been confirmed to be working with ECUHELP KT200 ECU programmer. The VAG MG1CS001 SPC 5777 model, in particular, has been successfully read and programmed by users in an impressive timeframe of only five minutes.

Procedure for Connecting and Programming the MG1 ECU:

1. Preparation:
Ensure to connect the MG1 ECU to the KT200 programmer following the provided wiring diagram, using a Bench box for connection.

2.Software Operation:
→ SPC5777 – VAG
→ MG1CS001
Then connect.

3. Reading the ECU:
With the KT200 linked, proceed to read the ECU details.

Opt for the ‘Read All’ function and assign a name to the file where the data will be saved.

While the data is being read, keep an eye on the voltage to ensure it stays above 12V.

Once the ‘Read All’ operation concludes, you can power down the dashboard.

4. Writing Data Back to the ECU:
Go to the ‘Write in Flash Micro’ selection within the software.
Choose the data file that has been modified with WinOLS for writing.
Don’t forget to load the original file to do checksum correction, and then confirm the action.

Alright, ECUHELP KT200 demonstrates its user-friendly and efficient programming capabilities, particularly with the VAG MG1CS001 ECU, streamlining the process for professionals and enthusiasts alike.