Navigating through the process of reading and writing Ford SID807EVO can be achieved using various ECU tools such as KT200 from ECUHELP, PCMTuner, and KTag. Below is a detailed guide on how to use each tool effectively.

KT200 from ecuhelp: A Versatile Tool
In Boot Mode: SID 807Evo Dpf Egr off read and write operations have been successful in boot mode using KT200. Moreover, other Ford PSA models with this ECU can be handled via OBD or bench as well.

Visual Guide and Pinout: The process and the required pinout for KT200 SID807EVO boot mode are illustrated in the images provided.

PCM Tuner: A Reliable Option
Appropriate Procedure: When using PCM Tuner, ensure you choose OBD protocol module 53. Connecting the PCM with an adapter directly to the car’s OBD2 port is crucial.

Real-Life Example: A successful case includes reading and writing on a Sid807evo Peugeot Partner 2015 1.6 HDI with BSL module 53, including DPF EGR off.

KTag: Need Luck
General Overview: KTag presents a hit-or-miss situation, with varying results reported by users. Particularly, clones of KTag have shown inconsistent performance.

Successful Attempts: Some users have reported success with the KTag EU clone, specifically the red or purple board versions.

Procedure for Ford 807 EVO: To attempt reading a Ford 807 EVO, use the KTag clone red PCB 7.020 with k-suite 2.25protocols continental sid 807 ford TPROT8 PROTOCOL 511. Ensure the OBD2 cable is connected from KTag to the car, and turn on the ignition to initiate the reading process, when it goes on 100% it will tell you that is successful and that you can remove the unit and disassemble ecu.

Important Tips: Use a stable power supply (not the one from KTag), and refer to the pinout provided in the photos of Ktag, 3x12v, orange wire is for additional 12V, two red and one orange wire are needed, along with ground black, CAN high, CAN low, 3 boot, and 1 cf.

Visual Guidance: The procedure is illustrated through a series of images for ease of reference.

While each ECU tool (KT200, PCM tuner, Ktag) has its own set of pros and cons, the detailed guide and visual images provided should assist ECU tuners in making an informed decision based on their specific needs and preferences when dealing with the Ford SID807EVO.