After activating my KT200ii, I’ve hit a snag. Whenever I launch the software, it seems oblivious to the firmware – everything’s just gray. I’ve been in touch with support and even double-checked all the pins myself, but no luck so far.

Possible reason and solution:

  1. Incomplete Software Installation:

This might be a classic case of installation gone wrong. If you’re setting up your software, whether offline or online, make sure to follow these step-by-step guides:
For an offline setup, here’s what you need:

And for online, check this out:

Hardware Inspection – The Encryption Chip:
Dive into the PCB board and give the encryption chip a look-see. It might just need a bit of tightening. Here’s a visual guide to help you out.
And if you’re not getting anywhere with that, you might want to consider desoldering the chip as a next step.

Need a Hand?
Got questions about KT200II? Stumped? Just shoot a message over to Oliver on WhatsApp at +8618205996549.