This article provides an insightful walkthrough of using KT200 from ecuhelpshop, for perfect reading, VR reading, writing and checksum in writing on a New Holland T5.110 MD1CE101 ECU. The test was conducted using an iPhone on Bench, showcasing KT200’s compatibility and performance.

KT200 pinout of New Holland T5.110 MD1CE101:

New Holland T5 – Plug 9 pin
To connect use:
– Multifunction cable
– Connectors male-female

Alternatively make the following connections with:
– OBD cable
– Connectors female-female / crocodile clips

KT200 ECU Programmer from ecuhelpshop has proven its worth and efficiency on programming the New Holland T5.110 MD1CE101 ECU. The successful read, write, VR read, and checksum, along with the ease of use through an iPhone, mark KT200 as a reliable choice for ECU programming. The provided visual aids and connection guides further simplify the process, ensuring a user-friendly experience.