ECUHELP KT200 has successfully been tested and verified for its capability to read and write Fiat Marelli MJD8F ECUs with precision.

User Test Feedback:
When aiming to clone the ECU, read bench mode is advised for an optimal.
Ensure the entire backup is read

While KT200 guarantees 100% efficiency, other tools can be explored:
MJD8F can be read using kess v2 (with a data size of 2,097,152 bytes on disk)
For writing, galletto v54 is recommended (because make cs ok).
Note: Some attempts with kess have failed. Luck can be a factor, but with KT200, success is assured.

Visual Guide:
For a clear understanding, refer to the provided images:
KT200’s interaction with the system:


The pinout for KT200 MARELLI MJD 8F, 8S, 8DS – FIAT, Suzuki [Diesel]:
Kit to use:
-Multifunction cable
– Rainbow flat cable

Connect the multifunction cable as follows:

Solder the rainbow flat cable on the pcb:

To read and write use the following driver: