When I open the htprog software, it pops up “Open KT200 Device Error”, how to solve it? I have KT200 full version + HTprog.

It works with kt200 connected, kt200 as usb key.
Connect kt200 to other USB, check if it online, than start htprog, if it linked to your kt200
Also, please install the KT200 driver
Password: 000

Tips of installing htprog software:

  1. Disable the firewall and uninstall any Antivirus software to prevent potential conflicts.
  2. make sure you have a stable network connection to ensure smooth operation.
  3. KT200 driver is required to be installed (if the KT200 runing well before, no need to install the driver again). 
    Free download KT200 driver. 
  4. Set Time (Zone) Automatically and Synchronize your clock

By following these guidelines, you can resolve the “Open KT200 Device Error” and optimize the performance of HTprog software.