I recently received the KT200 Kit, which includes the ECUHELP KT200 and HTprog Clone Adapter, from ecuhelpshop. I decided to put it to the test by performing a read/write operation on the EDC17C55, and I’m pleased to share that it was a success.

Firstly, let’s take a closer look at the HTprog Clone Adapter. Upon powering it on, I noticed a reassuring red flash, indicating its readiness to perform the task at hand. (Refer to Figure 1)

Next, on bench I connected the KT200, HTprog Clone Adapter, and the EDC17C55 ECU box. Everything fit together seamlessly. (See Figure 2)

With everything set up, I proceeded to read the P-Flash, and to my satisfaction, the operation was completed without any issues. To provide visual evidence, I have attached three images showcasing the results. (Refer to Figures 3-5)

With this successful test under my belt, I am confident in the reliability and performance of the KT200 and HTprog Clone Adapter. Moving forward, I will continue to conduct more tests and share the results.

Additionally, I received information that the ECUHELP HTprog has undergone rework, resulting in enhanced stability. This means even if you do not own the KT200, HTprog can still perform reliably. I hope this news proves helpful to you.

In conclusion, based on my experience with the ECUHELP KT200 and HTprog Clone Adapter, I can confidently say that they are reliable tools well worth owning.