I have finally received the ECUHELP HTprog, and it is working perfectly. Although I encountered some initial frustration, I managed to resolve it. However, I have a question regarding the cloning function. How does the cloning process work? Currently, I am able to perform read and write operations, but I am unsure about the cloning feature.

Here is an example of EDC17C50 ECU cloning with ECUHELP KT200 and HTprog, by writing the backup of ECU nr.2 on ECU nr.1 and then, on ECU nr.1 writing back the original backup of ECU nr.1.
You can notice that ISN changes after ecu cloning.
Where Backup is P-flash and D-flash in one file (in this case)
You can also read and write also separately P and D Flash.
Someone can correct me if I am wrong.

(Thanks to @Marian feedback)

The engineers at ECUHELPshop.com would like to remind users of a few important points:
1. It is advised to uninstall any antivirus software and disable the firewall before using the ECUHELP HTprog.
2. It is important not to upgrade the software to avoid any potential damage to the hardware.
3. Activation of the HTprog is necessary and should be done using the user’s registered email address.
4. Install this version of HTprog software


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