How ECUHELP HTprog R / W edc17c10 psa edc16c34 edc16c3?

Who ever read edc17c10 psa with ECUHELP HTprog? me impossible? I tried edc16c34 and edc16c3 impossible always the same message.

The working solution for sharing:
Firstly, please install this correct HTprog software:

Then, use can2, Can2H can2L, and will work 100% work. You have canH canL, and can2L can2H.

Question :
Does Edc17c60 work with HTprog?

Solution for sharing:
With can2 I have read
Edc16 MB vag ok
Edc17 c64 ok

ECUHELP HTprog works.
Try one time, Repeat the operation.