While writing an edc17 c46 Dpf off file using the KT200II ECU Programmer, the process gets stuck at 14%.

Possible Reasons and Solutions:
1. Voltage Issue:
It’s common for edc17 to require higher voltage.
Normally, 12.3/12.4V works perfectly, but in this case, consider using a 14.2V adapter.
The adapter from the Flex tool has been reported to work without issues.

2. Manual Checksum instead of Auto checksum:
It’s common for edc17 to require manual checksums (chks)

3. Bad File:
The problem might be due to changes in the OTP (One-Time Programmable) area of the file.
Refer to the solution for OTP issues “KT200 EDC17CP42 Bench ECU Clone Non-Erasable Sector Solution”:

User Experiences:
One user tested with at least 10 edc17 variants (BMW c50, c41, VAG c46, c64, c74) and found that letting the tool make checksums on writing always resulted in a stuck process, regardless of using the power supply that came with the tool.
Another user faced the same issue and resolved it by writing via OBD, which worked successfully.

If you encounter a similar issue, consider adjusting the voltage, checking for file errors, and exploring alternative writing methods such as OBD.

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