User Feedback:
Vehicle: VW Caddy 2015
ECU: PCR 2.1
Modification: DPF EGR Stage 1
Tools: ECUHELP KT200 II ECU Programmer

Firmware Upgrade:
Use FRF file to adapt injector deviation minimum quantity.
Original firmware: 03L906023FL…8685
Upgraded firmware: 03L906023FL 9978

EEPROM Unlock:
Unlock EEPROM in bench mode.

OBD Read and Write:
Perform read and write operations through OBD.

Reason for Upgrade:
The vehicle had issues with injectors and DPF with the old software (8685).
Upgrading the ECU firmware allows for the adaptation of the minimum deviation quantity.
The upgrade resolves problems related to DPF and injectors.

Visual Guide:
Three images are provided to demonstrate the KT200II successful reading and writing process (100% OK).
KT200II Read Write PCR 2.1 VW Caddy 2015-01 KT200II Read Write PCR 2.1 VW Caddy 2015-02 Read Write PCR 2.1 VW Caddy 2015 with KT200II