Vauxhall Vivaro 2017, EDC17C84, Kt200II OBD read ok about 9 mins, Error after read due to modified file.
Look at the error image below:
 Read/write EDC17C84 on Bench with KT200II read/write EDC17C84 on Bench with KT200II

Possible reason and solution:
1. Read EDC17C84 Bench Mode.
2. Read / Write via OBD, manual checksum with winols/lsuite/ davinci etc and give 13.5 power supply.

How to read/write EDC17C84 on Bench with KT200II?
Wiring diagram of BOSCH EDC17 C84 [ 1782 ] – Renault, Nissan [Diesel]
Connect the multifunction cable as follows:

Use KT200II to read and write use the following driver:
→ TC1782 – RENAULT
→ EDC17 C84

Some EDC17C84 enter in Bench mode with the white and brown wires on pins F4 and G4. If with the previous pinout doesn’t enter in bench tricore mode, then try again by connecting it as follows: