Reading and writing Suzuki BOSCH MD1CS018 with KT200 ECU Programmer is a smooth process. The same method used for MG1CS026 can be applied without any issues.

To begin, connect the KT200 using the multifunctional cable to the Suzuki ECU BOSCH MD1CS018 on Bench, as shown in images 1 and 2.

Open the ECUHELP KT200 Software and follow these steps to read and write the BOSCH MD1CS018 using the appropriate driver:
Choose “SUZUKI”
Locate “SPC58 – SUZUKI”
Select “MG1CS026”
Refer to images 3 and 4 for visual reference.

Next, proceed to read the External Flash, Internal Flash, and EEPROM. This step should be completed without any issues, and you can save the data. If you have the KT200 auto version or full version, you will need an internet connection. However, if you have the KT200 full version with an offline dongle, you can perform the operation in offline mode. Ensure a stable power supply of over 12V, as shown in image 5.

Finally, proceed to write the External Flash, Internal Flash, and EEPROM, ensuring successful completion. Refer to images 6 and 7.

For further guidance, you can watch a video demonstrating the process of using ECUHELP KT200 to read and write the BOSCH MD1CS018: