Question: How to Read/Write 2014 Toyota RAV4 2.0 D4D Using KT200 ECU Programmer? via OBD?

Answer: Yes, it is possible via OBD, I have done one no problem. Read it is a file VR and write it took 11 minutes, ensure that the battery stabilization is above 13v.

For details, follow the steps below:

Connect KT200 to the vehicle’s OBD port.

Ensure that the battery voltage is stable and above 13 volts. This is crucial to maintain a consistent power supply during the reading and writing process.

Use KT200 to read the ECU file from the Toyota RAV4 2.0 D4D 2014. The file format should be VR.

Proceed with the writing process, which should take approximately 11 minutes. It is important to ensure that the battery voltage remains stable throughout the entire operation.

For visual reference, please refer to the image below.

By following these instructions, ECUHELP KT200 will successfully read and write the 2014 Toyota RAV4 2.0 D4D via OBD. For additional guidance and further questions, feel free to contact Oliver on WhatsApp: