Question: KT200 or Fox Flash?
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Review 1:
In terms of built quality and the availability of an offline dongle, KT200 ECU Programmer is a much better option.

Image 1: ECUHELP KT200 Offline Workstation Full Package.

Review 2.
I’ve had both KT200 and Fox Flash, and it’s easy to tell the difference. KT200 comes with an offline dongle, and its cables are of superior quality. Additionally, the shell of KT200 is heavy, while Fox Flash is made of plastic.

Review 3.
I have experience with both tools. With Fox Flash, you need to provide an email and serial number for every login. It also has more bugs than KT200. I faced issues with the internet browser on Fox Flash due to time changes, and it only has one server. KT200 has 3. Fox Flash has no offline mode but kt200 has offline.

Review 4:
Fox Flash is not a reliable option. The server has limited VR files, and the program changes the computer’s time. If the tool is open, you cannot use the internet. It sets the date to 21.09.2022 upon starting. It’s working well but to many Bug’s. It’s the first condition for Fox Flash to work, without the internet it doesn’t even start. After foxflash-start, date is Set to 21.09.2022, if you open Web browser, the pages tell you wrong time setting.
For sure you can use Internet, but not open other pages.
Because sometimes need to upload files for specially Tuning or modify, for this I need to close foxflash after reading and Re-open after this.
It’s not a big problem for Someone Else, but I don’t like that. I think they need to modify their Software.

Review 5.
In my opinion, both Fox Flash and KT200 are quite similar. Although there were no major breakdowns with Fox Flash, Fox Flash change the computer’s time, which can be inconvenient for managing map dates in the directory. However, the ecuhelp KT200 works directly and comes at a higher price. It also offers an offline dongle. Personally, I have the one, and it works perfectly fine, I have used it on around thirty or more cars without any issues, no worries regardless of the type of computer. However, if I had known about ecuhelp’s KT200 from, I would have chosen that one.

Review 6.

I had Foxflash but sold it to switch to KT200. With 3server, it enables browsing the internet while in use, no need to log in, it’s simply plug-and-play. More reliable, no locking issues, and it offers offline workstation.
Foxflash, on the other hand, has locking issues, offers only 1server, restricts internet browsing while in use, and doesn’t support offline mode.
KT200 has been in the market longer than Foxflash too.
To put it differently, the KT200 doesn’t have limits on PC registration, isn’t dependent on the internet, doesn’t crash, and has superior build quality and cables among other benefits.
FoxFlash isn’t bad, but it falls behind ECUHELP KT200 in the long run.

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