This guide details the process of reading and writing the ECU (Engine Control Unit) data of a Ford Focus 1.6 from 2012 with the Sid807 EVO model using the ECUHELP KT200II ECU Programmer via the OBD (On-Board Diagnostics) port.

Step-by-Step Instructions
1. Connect the KT200II ECU Programmer
Locate the OBD Port: The OBD port in your Ford Focus 1.6 2012 is typically found under the dashboard.
Connect the Device: Securely plug the KT200II ECU Programmer into the OBD port.

2. Plug the KT200II to the computer.
Ensure the KT200II is plugged to the computer and ready for use.

3. Read the ECU Data
Initiate Reading: Using the KT200II interface, start the process to read data from the Sid807 EVO ECU. Follow the on-screen instructions provided by the device.
Data Extraction: The KT200II will communicate with the ECU and begin extracting the data.
Save the Data: Once the reading process is complete, save the extracted data file to a secure location for backup or further analysis.

4. Write the Modified Data Back to the ECU
Initiate Writing: Using the KT200II, follow the on-screen instructions to write the modified data back to the Sid807 EVO ECU.
Ensure Completion: Verify that the writing process is completed successfully.

Images of the Writing Process:
KT200II Write Ford Focus 1.6 2012 Sid807 EVO via OBD KT200II Write Ford Focus 1.6 2012 Sid807 EVO via OBD-02

Following these steps, you can effectively read and write the ECU data of a Ford Focus 1.6 2012 Sid807 EVO via the OBD port using the KT200II ECU Programmer. Always ensure that you follow the procedures carefully to avoid any potential issues.