Confirmed that KT200 ECU Programmer is able to read and write the Denso 275700-4890 ECU on bench.

Visual Guide:
ECU Appearance: Before diving into the wiring details, get a visual of the Denso 275700-4890 ECU:

Wiring Diagram:
To ensure correct connections, refer to the specialized KT200 Denso 275700-4890 wiring diagram:

Required Equipment:
Multifunction cable
Bench Box v.2

Procedure to Read/Write with KT200:
To seamlessly operate the KT200 for reading and writing, navigate through the following driver sequence:
SH72543 – KUBOTA
Denso 1Jxxx-5905x Type 2

Equipped with the right tools and guidelines, KT200 makes the process straightforward. Hope this guide aids in your endeavors.