KT200 ECU programmer has been verified to effectively read and write Marelli 6F3 diesel ECU found in vehicles such as Fiat, Lancia, Opel, and Suzuki. This can be achieved via two methods: OBD VR reading and bench mode.

1. OBD VR Reading:

Compatible with Marelli IAW 6f3 Lancia Ypsilon 1.3 105cv.

Reading process: Approximately 1 hour.

Writing process: Roughly 30 minutes.

All operations can be performed via the OBD interface.

2. Bench Mode:
Bench mode has a speed advantage over OBD VR reading.
Capable of reading and writing the full system of Marelli 6f3, including the eeprom.

KT200 Bench Pinout Guide:
For those utilizing the bench mode to access the Marelli 6F3 diesel ECU, two different pinouts are provided. If the first pinout configuration doesn’t achieve the desired result, the second one can be tried.
Note: Ensure not to mix up ECU 6F3 with ECU 8DF.