ECUHELP KT200 proves to be a working ECU programmer for the Audi TT 2016 model with ECU Simos18.1. It delivers flawless performance in reading, writing, and ensuring checksum integrity.

Step-by-Step Guide to Using KT200 with Simos18.1 ECU:

ECU Removal: Begin by carefully removing the Simos18.1 ECU from the Audi TT 2016, as illustrated in diagrams.

Connection Setup: use the multifunctional cable included with the KT200 to establish a connection between the Simos18.1 ECU and the KT200 device, as shown in image below.

Reading Process: Proceed with reading the ECU data. KT200 ensures a 100% successful read in Boot mode, detailed in image below.

Writing Process: Following the read, writing back to the ECU is equally reliable. The KT200 guarantees a 100% success rate in Boot mode, depicted in image below.

Pinout Information: For technical reference, KT200 provides a comprehensive pinout for the Audi Simos18.1 Boot Mode, which can be found in in the following images:

Please ensure to consult the KT200 diagrams provided for visual guidance through each step of the process.