Several ECUHELP KT200 users have encountered challenges when attempting to read EDC17 with OTP protection. Notably, the Corsa D EDC17C18, which is OTP protected, has been problematic for the KT200 ECU programmer, preventing the writing of other files.

Understanding the EDC17 OTP Error:
The primary issue seems to arise from attempts to write a FULL flash instead of a partial one.
For effective resolution:

Password Verification: Before attempting to write a file, especially for testing, it’s crucial to read the password first. This step is mandatory if one intends to write a full flash.

File Comparison: If available, utilize an alternate editor to compare the Original and Modified files. This can help pinpoint noticeable disparities, such as changes in address locations.

Consultation with KT200 Technician: In cases where discrepancies are observed or issues persist, consider forwarding both files to a KT200 technician. Their expertise can be invaluable in addressing and rectifying the problem.

Always prioritize reading the password when dealing with OTP-protected ECUs and seek expert advice when uncertainties arise.