ECUHELP KT200 ECU Programmer is capable of reading Flash & eeprom of Bosch ME7.6H4/ME1.5.5 in Opel Z12XE in Full system mode.

Firstly, let’s connect KT200 to Bosch ME7.6_M1.5 in Full System mode, there is wiring diagram to follow.

Open KT200 2023 software.
Click on “Get ID”, wait to 100% and you will get the ECU data at the right upper corner.

Click on “Read File” of FLASH.
(I’m using ECUHELP KT200 auto version, and need to wait the internet connection. )
Alright, 100% reading ok.

Click on “Read File” of EEPROM.
Name the saved eeprom file and wait until 100% ok.

Connect eeprom.

To connect flash.

Job is done.

Alright, ECUHELP KT200 does a good job for reading Flash/eeprom Bosch ME7.6H4/ME1.5.5.