In a detailed test report by ECUHELP KT200II, the focus was on programming a Toyota Denso 76F00x for a KDJ150 3L 2010 model, specifically a version without a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF). This report outlines the process and results of using the KT200II tool to revert the vehicle’s software back to its original state through Virtual Reading (VR).
Programming Process:
Vehicle Model: KDJ150 3L 2010 (non DPF one)
Procedure: Virtual Reading (VR) to restore original software
Duration: Writing took approximately 10 minutes
Connection: used an iPhone hotspot for online VR functionality via the KT200II tool
Outcome: Successful programming with everything functioning correctly
Following the VR process, a verification was conducted using an official tool to compare the newly written file against the original.
Visual Confirmation:
The report is supported by visual evidence (referenced as images 1-3 below) which illustrates the successful execution and verification of the software programming.
Toyota Denso 76F00x KDJ150 3L 2010 Programming with KT200II-01 Toyota Denso 76F00x KDJ150 3L 2010 Programming with KT200II-02 Toyota Denso 76F00x KDJ150 3L 2010 Programming with KT200II-03
To sum up:
This case study exemplifies the KT200II‘s capability to efficiently and accurately perform complex programming tasks, providing a reliable solution for automotive technicians and enthusiasts working with specific vehicle models like the Toyota KDJ150 3L 2010.