When using the KT200 II ECU Programmer to program an Audi EDC17CP44, one user got an error that states, “Non-erasable Sector in Bench Mode” during the writing process. This guide provides possible solutions to address this issue.

Error Encountered
Image 1: Error message: “Non-erasable Sector in Bench Mode” encountered during the writing process.
Fix KT200 II Audi Edc17cp44 Non-erasable Sector in Bench Mode-1

Possible Solution:
Bad Checksum: try to manually calculate the checksum and write again.
Attempt using the original file without any tuning to see if it works.

Advise you use KT300 for Checksum Calculation:
Connect your KT200 II to a PC and start KT300.
KT300 will automatically perform the checksum calculation for EDC17.
Download the necessary software from https://www.ecuhelpshop.com/ “Downloads” section.
Fix KT200 II Audi Edc17cp44 Non-erasable Sector in Bench Mode-2

The “Non-erasable Sector in Bench Mode” error when programming an Audi EDC17CP44 with the KT200 II can often be resolved by addressing checksum issues. Manual checksum calculation with Winols or using the KT300 for automatic calculation are effective solutions.