ECUHELP KT200II ECU Programmer has been thoroughly tested for reading and writing the MRD1 ECU on a Mercedes Class A, with no issues encountered. Additionally, ECUHELP successfully performs SCR Off operations.

KT200II Read/Write MRD1 Mercedes Class A-02 KT200II Read/Write MRD1 Mercedes Class A

Necessary Equipment:
To ensure a successful connection and operation, you will need the following:
Multifunction cable
Bench Box V.2
Laboratory power supply or battery

Connection Setup:
Follow the wiring diagram for BOSCH MD1CP001 / MRD1 [SPC5777] for Mercedes [Diesel].

Connect the multifunction cable as specified in the wiring diagram.
KT200II Read/Write MRD1 Mercedes Class A-02

KT200II read and write MRD1 using the following driver:
→ MD1CP001

ECUHELP KT200II ECU Programmer is a reliable tool for reading, and writing MRD1 ECU of Mercedes Class A vehicles. Users can achieve efficient and error-free ECU programming by following the proper wiring and driver settings.