KT200II ECU Programmer is testing working with EDC15C2 (3 plug) FULL SYSTEM,

Eeprom+flash read ok.

Look at the first image which shows how does KT200II is connected to the ECU EDC15C2 (3 plug) full system mode.


Look at image 2, KT200II Read Citroen Bosch ECU EDC15C2 (3 plug) 100% ok.


Pinout mode:

KT200II wiring diagram of BOSCH EDC15 C2 3 plug – Peugeot, Citroen [Diesel]:


KT200II is to connect to the control unit use:

– Multifunction cable


For FULL MODE modality use also:

– Rainbow flat cable

– 3 resistores 120 Ohm



Connect also the rainbow flat cable as shown in the figure only to communicate with the FULL MODE driver.

To read and write the Flash and the EEPROM using the FULL MODE driver, in addition to the multifunction cable, also connect the violet, orange and brown wires of the rainbow flat via a 120 Ohm protection resistor. In this way the ECU will enter Full Mode mode.