The dedicated team at has rigorously tested the VW MPC555/6-VAG Bosch EDC16U1 ECU module. We’re delighted to announce that with KT200 ECU programmer, reading and writing both the EEPROM and Flash of this module in Bench mode is a seamless endeavor.

To get a visual idea of the VW MPC555/6-VAG Bosch EDC16U1 ECU module, take a look at the following image:

Preparation for the Process:
Before proceeding with the operation, ensure that you have correctly connected the KT200 ECU programmer to the VW ECU and your computer using the PINOUT line and USB cable. For reference, you can check the connection diagram provided in the KT200 software.

Step-by-Step Procedure:
Open the KT200 software.
Click on ‘Select Driver.’

Make the following Pinout connections:
Pin5: +12V (Red)
Pin18: +12V (Red)
Pin1: GND (Black)
Pin72: K-line (Green)
Pin58: Brown
Pin28: White

Once the connections are in place, go back to the main interface and click ‘OK’ to enter the operation page.

Click ‘Connect to read ECU data.’
Then, click ‘Read Eeprom.’
Create a file name to save the original data.


Ensure that the ECU power remains on during the data reading process. After successfully saving the data, you can turn off the dashboard.

Finally, click ‘Write Eeprom.’
Open the original data file you saved earlier and write it into the new ECU.
Again, ensure that the ECU power remains on during the data-writing process. After successfully writing the data, turn off the dashboard.


By following these steps, you can efficiently read and write the VW MPC555/6-VAG EDC16U1 EEPROM and Flash using KT200 ECU programmer in Bench mode.