KT200 II ECU Programmer has demonstrated its proficiency in programming the EDC16U34 CAN VAG ECU through both reading and writing operations performed via OBD.

ECU Programmer: KT200 II
Vehicle and ECU Type: EDC16U34 CAN VAG
Performance Report: Successful reading and writing operations via OBD

Visual Documentation of the Process:
The following series of images showcase the KT200 II actively writing to the EDC16U34 CAN VAG ECU. Each image captures a crucial moment of the programming process, culminating in the successful start-up of the vehicle post-programming.

Image 1-3: The images display the KT200 II during the programming sequence, highlighting the device’s interface as it completes the writing operation. The success of the process is confirmed as the vehicle is shown starting smoothly.
KT200 II Read Write edc16u34 can Vag via OBD-01 KT200 II Read Write edc16u34 can Vag via OBD-03 KT200 II Read Write edc16u34 can Vag via OBD-02

The KT200 II stands out as a powerful tool for ECU programming, particularly for VAG models equipped with the EDC16U34 CAN system. By facilitating flawless reading and writing operations through an OBD connection.