ECUHELP KT200 is tested able to read and write Flash & EEPROM on Bench / via OBD / in BDM & JTAG for more than 5400 ECU and over 500 TCU. Then how to use ECUHELP KT200 ECU Programmer?

Step 1. download ECUHELP KT200 software.
As known, there is an ECUHELP KT200 auto version, full version, and offline version.
1. ECUHELP KT200 auto version software (online version and 7 licenses available).

2. Download ECUHELP KT200 full version software (Also online software):

3. ECUHELP KT200 offline workstation software download source:
Firstly, install ECUHELP KT200 offline dongle (also named the local server), then the offline software.

Step 2. Install ECUHELP KT200 software
Please refer to KT200 ECU Programmer Newest 12 .10 version installation:

kt200 ECU Programmer Offline Workstation installation

Operation tips:

  1. win defender + Antivirus disabled As ADMIN
  2. install both the x32/x64 patches
  3. install drivers for device
  4. install hardware+power
  5. Please install software in Disk C://

Questions and Answers
Question: ECUHELP KT200 open device error solution

Answer: This is the first time when the software is installed and the driver cannot be detected. Turn off this error message and continue the installation, and then install the driver in the device manager (Path: Device manager -> Universal Serial Bus Controller -> DFB-Technology DFOX); In another method: C -> KT200-Master -> remote -> driver

Question: Disable Driver Signature Enforcement
Answer: Usually, it is needed for Win7 installation.
1) Reboot the computer, hold F8
2) Enter “safe mode”, and select “Disable Driver Signature Enforcement”.
3) Reboot the computer.

If WIN10 needs to Disable Driver Signature Enforcement, the operation path is contained in the install package, path: C ->KT200-master ->remote -> Run in win 10, then the computer will reboot.
Note: Win10 professional / Business install no problem, and Win10 Home is not compatible.

How to Reinstall ECUHELP KT200 software?
Please go to C disk and manually delete the folder “KT200-master”, ensure delete all empty before reinstalling the software.

How to solve ECUHELP KT200 software auto close?
If the software auto close or the drivers button is gray, please check if you turn off Defender in Windows Security and the antivirus protection.
1)Select Start and type “Windows Security” to search for that app.
2)Select the Windows Security app from the search results, go to Virus & threat protection, and under Virus & threat protection settings select Manage settings.
3)Switch Real-time protection to Off.

How to solve ECUHELP KT200 software auto close or fail to open?
There are 3 .dll files in the folder “KT200-Master” including Gcheck.dll, securityAcess. Dll, wuzi.dll, if there is 4 .dll files, it may be implanted with a virus. It will cause KT200 software auto close or not open directly.
One point to pay attention: when the software is started, dfb2xx.dll will pop up, and then disappear automatically, it is normal.

How to solve ECUHELP KT200 software Wrong Clock error message?
In Win 10: Right-click
the time at the right corner of the computer, select “Adjust date / time”, turn on “Set time automatically”, then click on “Sync now” below Synchronize your clock.

In Win7: Right-click the time at the right corner of the computer, select “Adjust date / time”, then select “ Internet time”, and tick off “Automatically synchronize with an Internet time server.

ECUHELP KT200 Offline License expired Solution

Plug kt200 device to the computer and connect the
internet to update license.

Can ECUHELP KT200 online software and offline software be installed in one computer?
Yes, please firstly install online software and then the offline software.

Error 1: Cannot load file libcrypto-3.dll Error:126
Error 2: “api-ms-win-crt-runtime-i1-1-0.dll” is missing”
Error 3:  Visual C++ setup failed

Solution: Install the patch package corresponding to the system, and it can run normally.
Free download Vc_redist.x86 ( 32-bit system)
Free download Vc_redist.x64 (64-bit system)

How to solve “Wait for 10 sec before continuing”?

Possible reason:
EDC16 c35 has 2 chips including 561/2 and 563/4, and their wiring method is not the same, also please ensure that the ECU can normally

Does ECUHELP KT200 support VR / W via OBD?
Answer: yes, but not complete, please download and install ecuhelp 3.0 to check.

How to get the password when R / W in Boot mode?
Method 1. Insert ECUHELP KT200 into the car to find the password, and then come back to read and write in Boot mode. For example, SID208, please refer to the manual.

Method 2. Extract password.
After reading out, it will be saved to KT200 and named as password_adv.bin.

Thant’s all!


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