Look at the following image, used ecuhelp KT200 to write flash data for Audi A6 and it prompts “Turn the dashboard off and wait” .

Possible reasons:

Wrong modified file.


Perform the clone process because the data is not from the same car.

Look at the clone option in the KT200 software.

Tricore Clone Service procedure:
The following functions allow you to create a file for cloning Bosch MED/EDC 17 ECUs. Here is the procedure:
1.Read in BOOT MODE TRICORE or in BENCH TRICORE the car control unit (ECU 1) and the purchased control unit (ECU 2).

2.Select the driver:
Clone Service Load on the first line the Micro file of the car control unit (ECU 1).
Load on the second line the Micro file of the purchased control unit (ECU 2):

3.Click CLONE & SAVE and the software will save the file for the clone in the selected directory.

  1. Write in BOOT MODE or the file just created on the purchased ECU 2. Note: The BENCH TRICORE does not work on all ECUs for this type of complete writing.
    REMEMBER: On the purchased ECU (ECU 2) you must also write the EEPROM of the original car ECU (ECU 1) without making any changes.


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