KT200 ECU Programmer has proficiently managed to perform complete reading and writing operations on the Mercedes Actros 1840 Euro6’s ACM and MCM, with a consistent performance at 14V+. The Mercedes Actros comes equipped with two separate ECUs, the ACM and the MCM.

Please refer to the images below to get a glimpse of the KT200 achieving 100% success in reading and writing the Mercedes Actros 1840 Euro6 ACM + MCM.


The wiring diagram for the KT200 when connecting with the Mercedes CONTINENTAL ACM [TC1796 + EEPROM ST95640] includes utilizing:
A multifunction cable
A laboratory power supply or battery

For information on the pinout mode connections between the KT200 and the ECU and computer, please see:

To further guide you, we’ve prepared a tutorial video showcasing the step-by-step process of using ecuhelp KT200 2023 to successfully read and write data onto MCM2: