This article answers some questions from ECUHELP KT200II Users.

Q: I have a problem with kt200ii offline… the software closes when trying to connect internet when try read ECU
ECUHELP KT200II Feedback

Experience the seamless performance and reliability of the ECUHELP KT200II Feedback. With its unparalleled efficiency and versatility, the KT200II stands as a pinnacle in the world of automotive tuning and programming tools. Users worldwide have testified to its exceptional capabilities and consistent excellence.

Buy kt200ii and you are good to go.

Kt200 and kt200 II best tool of clone.

I have kt200ll, all have been perfect. My tuner said if need to work on older model (early 2000’s autos) kess v2 is very good.

KT200II is stable so far, everything works.

Kt200II comes with better quality parts and a different PCB I recommend nice work.

Tested KT200II on my computers, it’s faster. On the other hand after an internet connection, calculating checksums reading and writing faster, protocol Honda edc17cp50 upgrade (no more password to search it works), etc, for me KT200II is better.

For me, KT200II works great no problem. read/write fast.

I had no activation problem with KT200I, it is installed on 2 pc Windows 7 and Windows 10.

Mitsubishi canter edc7c4
Lecture bench OK
Checksum OK
Écriture bench OK

BMW x6 bva 40d edc17cp45
Lecture bench OK
Writing bench OK

Peugeot 508 2012r 1.6THP
Bench: OK

Edc17cp37 Toyota racing 1.4 d4d
Lecture bench OK
Checksum OK
Writing bench OK
Lab power about 13v

Read dcm3.7ap chervrolet via OBD.

Read and write Ford transit Visteon dcu 102/108 Boot mode.

KT200II done DCM6.2 VW Crafter read, write ok via OBD, just make stabilizer in 13.5v

KT200II read write DCM6.2 A via obd without problems.

Fiat Ducato 2021 2.3 mjd9df hw002, KT200 read in bench ok. Write in obd 15 minutes. Chk ok.

Edc17cp20 read, write, Manuel checksum ok with KT200.

Read Valeo J34P Boot mode ok.

Read and write Bosch ECU EDC17C73 Toyota RAV4.

Continental clio 3 EMS3110, KT200 read and write it Boot mode.

KT200II 2024 read and write Mercedes CRD3.2x TC1797 Bench mode OK.

KT200II 2024 read and write Mercedes Temic Continental VGS-FDCT Pinout Mode OK.

KT200II 2024 read and write Mercedes Delphi CRD3.X 100% OK, Pinout mode.
write in 25 minutes.

Mitsubishi E6T0X Boot mode OK.

KT200 can read and write BOSCH EDC17 C73 Toyota Bench mode or Boot mode.

KT200II read and write sid804 PSA /Ford very good full system
Read id and read file.
Or do it over obd with obd cable in full mode, works well.

From conquering various vehicle models like Mitsubishi, BMW, Peugeot, Toyota, Ford, Mercedes, and more, the KT200II emerges as a champion in the realm of ECU manipulation. Whether it’s the swift read/write processes, the compatibility with diverse systems, or the ease of use across different modes, the KT200II remains a top choice, offering a comprehensive solution for automotive enthusiasts and professionals alike.