Simos pcr 2.1 read file via “unlock” protocol no problem with ECUHELP KT200. Fast read (2mb file) cca 1min. But is it safe to unlock via obd? Any help with where to get unlockfile for this ecu? Or when i was possible to read file mean, that ecu is already unlocked?

Audi A1 PCR2.1 unlock via obd no problem
Vag pcr 2.1 ……….
………..Locked ecu obd2 work………….
Virtual read/write ok.

Guide on Audi A1 1.6tdi PCR2.1 unlock via obd

-Choose “unlock via obd”
-Read “VR file”
-Write “VR file” and apply the patch
Be aware audi a1 battery in boot, so prepare before writing just to save time
It took 17 Minutes

Then went to the option “Read / Write”
Done – read – fast
Modified file
Wrote modified file – 3 minutes
I understand other people modify and write whilst applying patch which I did consider but I wanted to see UNLOCKED BY FLASH before writing modifed file.