I have the same problem with EDC17C50 BMW when using ECUHELP HTprog.
When trying to read, no power is supplied to the unit,
Does he work for anyone?

Yes, EDC17C50 BMW is tested reading and writing successfully using the ECUHELP HTprog ECU clone adapter and KT200.
12.9 v is enough
For visual guidance, you can watch a video tutorial on YouTube that demonstrates the process:

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To read and write EDC17C50 BMW using the ECUHELP HTprog, please follow the steps below.
Ensure that you have the necessary equipment: ECUHELP HTprog and KT200, which are compatible with EDC17C50 BMW.

Check the power supply: It is important to have a stable power supply during the read-and-write process. Make sure you have a power supply of at least 12.9 volts.

Connect the ECU: Connect the ECU to the ECUHELP HTprog using the cables. Ensure a secure connection.

Launch the software: Open the ECUHELP HTprog software on your computer.
Download ECUHELP HTprog Software.

Select the EDC17C50 BMW: In the software, choose the EDC17C50 BMW option. This will ensure that the software is configured correctly for this specific ECU type.

Read and write: Follow the instructions provided by the software for reading and writing the EDC17C50 BMW ECU. The software will guide you through the process.

Verify the operation: After the read and write process is complete, double-check the functionality of the ECU. Ensure that power is being supplied to the unit during the reading process.

If you encounter any issues or have further questions, please feel free to ask for assistance: