Citroen Bosch MD1CS003 2020 year
Reading ok
Block writing 87%
Using KT200 II ECU Programmer

Image 1: the MD1CS003 ECU outlook
KT200 II Citroen Bosch MD1CS003 Block Write at 87%-01

Image 2: Block write 87%
KT200 II Citroen Bosch MD1CS003 Block Write at 87%-02

Next, let’s read what the experienced users answer:
1.This ecu got a upgrade from the mother house and now has a new protection that doesn’t allow you to type anymore, I’ve had a ton with the same problem.on some laws without problems (you were one of them).
2.I’ve done so many .. the last one. last week, try to write the ori file
3.037 is a no go… As far as I know, no tool can do it for now.
4.Bad moded file.

So, please confirm which point meets your actual situation, so that you can successfully write Bosch MD1CS003 2020 year with KT200 II ECU Programmer.