I own an ECUHELP KT200 and would like to use it offline when I have no internet access. I hope there’s a solution without having to sell my KT200. Thanks.

Fortunately, there’s an offline dongle available for the full version that enables offline mode. However, please note that the dongle doesn’t work with the auto version. You can purchase it for 95eur from ECUHELPshop.com. Keep in mind that the dongle needs to connect to the internet every 2 weeks. Once connected, you can move your Kt200 to a location without internet and use it. I hope this information helps you.

ECUHELP KT200 Offline Dongle

How can I determine if I have the auto version of Kt200?
Refer to the image below. If the boat, tractor, and motorcycle options are disabled, it indicates the auto version. To switch to the full version, you can upgrade and then purchase an offline dongle.

ECUHELP KT200 auto version software
ECUHELP KT200 Full version software

Hope it helps!