How can I fix the “Error sense level” issue when using ECUHELP KT200 on EDC16C35 and EDC16CP36 ECUs?

I tried using ECUHELP KT200 on two ECUs, BMW EDC16C35 and MB EDC16CP36, in Bench mode. The make ID was okay, but when I tried to read and it asked me to connect the Bench Box, I click “Ok” and then get the error message “Error sense level.” Any suggestions?

By the way:
1. The Bench Box and power supply are both connected.
2. If I disconnect the Bench Box and connect to ECU with only the multifunctional cable (to read via OBD), it reads fine but the data is not complete.
3. I can read EDC17 fine with the Bench Box.
4. The Bench Box test finishes okay.

Sense level=jumper
you can try changing the position of Pin 1 and 2 on the jumper. This is a simple task, so please give it a try. Please refer to the image below:

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